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White Star is an online marketing services firm that helps both start-up and established companies plan, create, build, measure and optimize their online marketing presence through organic search marketing, social and paid media campaigns, online and offline media outreach, and traditional print and web design.

Our teeth were cut in the world of traditional marketing and public affairs, and we’ve been helping companies with their online presence since 1994, when our first client launched their website before Netscape 1.0 had launched.  We work with a wide range of for-profit and non-profit organizations large and small, but bring a specific measure of experience in the health care, consumer technology startups, finance, legal and non-profit industry sectors.
We bring to our clients the experience of having managed multi-million dollar projects for large software companies, mixed with our hands-on business experience of having started and funded our own start-up endeavors. We bring the understanding that any successful website finds a balance between design, usability, functionality and ease of maintenance, and will work tirelessly with our clients to ensure their website meets their real business objectives.
We prefer long-term client relationships that help build your online presence over time, creating a strong and trusted  brand with your audience.  We are all about producing results, not only driving traffic, but converting this traffic into sales and demonstrable ROI.

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